Bellenda Studio

A commercial and informational site

Quick access to information and easy contact for the CIVIS site.

Client: CIVIS Spa


CIVIS is a security company that has been offering integrated security solutions for over 50 years, tailored to the needs of private individuals, companies and institutions.

The company needed to renew its corporate site by balancing the information aspect with the commercial aspect.

The service menu illustrates the corporate content, while the main menu deepens the company’s services, differentiating them by target audience: a solution aimed at enhancing the company’s services with a more commercial imprint and with great attention to developing in-depth and precise content. All this always starting from a specific project scope, optimising the available budget.

We paid attention to the user experience, building a navigation flow that allowed us to go from the general to the particular, alternating information and detailed content.

Not only a site, but also a back-end management system that supports and makes the work of the company and its sales department more efficient.