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The company grows organically and renews itself

The rebranding project for Lariotex S.p.a.

Client: Lariotex S.p.a.

Visual identity, Strategy

Lariotex deals in the wholesale trade of textile products. The growth of the company and its evolution made it necessary to question how to evolve its brand identity, what image to give but also how to redefine its positioning, to tell the new Lariotex.

We designed a workshop calibrated to the company’s objectives, focusing on defining its identity in the visual component, tone of voice and treatment. The workshop revealed the need for a more important intervention: a rebranding activity.

We sum up and define the new brand identity in a brandbook and from there drew up a work plan to apply the new image to the different communication tools and how to communicate it to the different stakeholders.

The first application was the design of a new website.

This activity is currently ongoing.