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The pages of vigilance

Editorial project of the Company Profile of CIVIS Spa.

Client: CIVIS Spa

Strategy, Visual data

CIVIS is a security company that has been offering integrated security solutions for over 50 years, designed to meet the needs of private individuals, companies and institutions.

With a view to a general review of the company’s communication, the need emerged to draw up a Company Profile revamped in terms of graphics and content, which would become a useful support for sales, aimed at a very different target.

Our intervention began with the definition of the contents, to arrive at the supervision of the printing process.

It was indeed the content that guided the design of this tool from the outset, from the drafting of the flat plan to the editing of the texts. The tone of voice – from a visual and textual point of view – is clear and direct but at the same time exhaustive, with the aid of inforgraphics where necessary.

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