Bellenda Studio

The financial statements and the key figures of the company.

Graphic and communication project of the financial statements of Lariotex S.p.A.

Lariotex Spa, Vertemate con Minoprio

Visual data

Lariotex deals with the wholesale trade of textile products. This project is part of the brand strategy, with the objective of enhancing the moments and communication tools of the company in relation to the brand identity.

A graphic project designed for high-profile financial stakeholder and designed to stand out in the market, communicating solidity and attention to detail.

Our work started with the analysis of the content, which we analyzed and categorized together with the client. We have therefore provided an analysis and advice for the representation of statistical data and the treatment of their main types, identifying the most suitable organization of the contents and the best representation for each type of graph with the objective to underline the strengths of the company.

A statistical appendix has been added to the usual listing of data in the form of a table, in which the most relevant information is compared and graphically represented.

Ad hoc representations are added to the canonical histograms and pie charts, designed to enhance the different types of data.

Lariotex bilancio visual data