Bellenda Studio

Tailor-made delivery.

Design of the image, strategy, packaging and social media of the delivery of a historic vegetarian restaurant.

La Vecchia Latteria, Milan

Strategy, Visual iedntity, social media, photography

La Vecchia Latteria is a historic (and delicious) vegetarian restaurant in the heart of Milan, characterized by a visual identity made up of lively layers that have taken place over the years.

With the first lockdown of 2020, it needs to start a delivery service – managed independently by choice – whose communication had to be integrated but distinguished from that of the restaurant.

We took care of the overall strategy: from organizational set-up to naming, packaging, social content, campaigns, trying to find a formula that respected the owner’s philosophy and was consistent with the evolution of the restaurant’s cuisine.

A spin off version of the historic mascot — the cow designed in the 1980s — has been created for the A casa mia, characterized by a domestic floor lamp instead of a street lamp.

To complete the content creation work, we made the photographic shots of the menu’s dishes, which varies according to the seasons.